Question Time With Sam

Sam answers listeners' questions on a wide range of thought-provoking topics ranging from watercraft to bait and lots in-between! Sam also chats with ...View Details

Dave Moore Part Two

Deep into the 72-pint keg, we have a boozy chat about hydros, milk protein vs fish meals, preservatives, and a whole load more! Enjoy...

Dave Moore Part 1

What an episode!!!! Pete & Sam travel to Daves private lake and work their way through a 72 pint beer keg whilst chatting all manner of things reg...View Details

Sam sits down with Ben in the BP milling pellet feed factory to discuss all manner of things to do with the science of carp and their watery home. Ben...View Details

Drunken Festive Special!

Sam & a hammered Pete sit back and reflect on fishing and life. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you all!

Question Time!

Pete and a rather drunk Sam answer your questions and go on tangents in this catch-up episode. Enjoy...

Basically this episode involves us getting drunk and waffling on about our recent captures, Bait Bros, seasonal edges, how to fish differently, and lo...View Details

Sam sits down with British Aqua Feeds main man Callum Wilson. Callum has been with BAF since day one and has grown the company into one of the premier...View Details

Bill Cottam Part Two

The long-awaited part two with Bill Cottam is finally here! Since our first episode with Bill, we have had an overwhelming amount of requests to relea...View Details

Jason Rider Returns!

Jason returns to discuss his incredible hauling run on his recent trip around France. His captures include some truly incredible , elusive fish. He al...View Details

We’re Back!

It’s been a while but we are back to answer your questions which range from how to tackle new venues to baiting strategies and beyond. We also go over...View Details

What an incredible episode we have for you! John Baker joins us to give a masterclass in flavours and carp bait. We cover many topics such as flavour ...View Details

Bill Cottam ~ Raw Talk

Bill Cottam joins us to talk about all manner of things involving bait and big carp! We cover classic recipes, big carp boilie formulation, essential ...View Details

Part two of the awesome Stephen White interview is here! Expect much more bait talk in the sequel to Stephens enlightening first episode as he talks u...View Details

BCSG member Stephen White joins us to talk about how he targets huge carp from some of the UK's premier big fish waters including RH Fisheries Acton B...View Details

Sam & Pete discuss their own angling, bait making, their takeaways from recent guests, and release some exciting info! Enjoy...

BP Milling owner Ben Pinniger joins us to talk all things carp science including bite times, natural food sources, carp feed formulation, optimising w...View Details

Julian is back to take us through the 90's! We discuss many different aspects of his angling life such as nearly getting sued, his bait preferences, w...View Details

Julian Cundiff takes us on a journey through the 80's and shares how he got into carp fishing, how he went about catching monstrous double-figure carp...View Details

Dr Patrick Mills talks about amino acids and how to include them in boilies for maximum effect. Patrick covers leak-off rate, attraction, taste, what ...View Details

Jason Rider Part 2.

Jason is back for part two of his in-depth chat on carp flavours and other aspects of bait making. He also talks about his experiences carp fishing in...View Details

In this episode we have the amazing Jason Rider. Jason owns carp bait company The A Bait and has worked in the industry for many years. He has worked ...View Details

Sam & Pete pour themselves a drink and shoot the breeze on fishing, bait, equipment, and more. Enjoy!

Christmas Special 2020

We reflect on the previous year and basically have a chat about our carp angling. Merry Christmas!

Shaun Harrison Part Two!

We welcome back Shaun Harrison to discuss all manner of interesting topics such as fishing extreme depths, cooking in the great outdoors, fishing in w...View Details

He's back by extreme demand! We have an absolute monster of a chat with carp bait expert Dean Towey. This episode is crammed full with both carp and b...View Details

Tales From The bank

Sam and Pete relay some of their stories from the past, both spooky and hilarious! Expect some crass boys-talk in this episode!  

What an incredibly important episode we have for you. Joss is the fishery advisor for the UK Wild Otter Trust, former PAG board member, one of only 5 ...View Details

We answer your questions! Tactical edges, seasonal changes, gaining advantages, and much more...

Sam has a chat with Andy Parr of Deeper Sonar & Mistral Baits to discuss all things sonar and other tech within fishing. There's no doubt that usi...View Details

We sit down with the Founder of the Wild Carp Trust to chat about carp heritage, lake hunting, traditional tackle, adventures, and much more. Fennel a...View Details

What an episode we have for you today. This is definitely one for those aspiring bait buffs or to be honest, anyone wanting to catch more carp! We sit...View Details

The Catch Up…

New waters, bait recipes, change in seasonal approach, technology, and much more. Sit back and enjoy the carpy ramblings of Sam & Pete...

We answer listener questions on how to formulate boilies and liquids, pre-baiting, birdlife, flavours, oleoresins, essential oils, base mixes, favouri...View Details

Tommy "The Gun" Bishop joins Sam for a few tales from the bank...

OTB ~ Bait Part 1!

OTB- On The Bank! In this episode, Sam is recording from the bank on a new water he has just started targeting and Pete is recording from the comfort ...View Details

Pete & Sam have a lengthy chat with Shaun Harrison from Quest Baits about how the moon affects fishing, angling for big, old carp, how to attract ...View Details

Sam & Pete talk with carp fishing legend Steve Briggs and go deep into the inspiring story of The Mere and The Black Mirror. Steve also talks abou...View Details

Sam and Pete discuss all things regarding rigs, presentation, and setup for carp fishing.

In this episode, Dom from The Spodcast asks Sam and Pete about their angling, bait applications, and how different circumstances (such as lockdown) af...View Details

Pete grills Sam on all things carp photography. Everything from camera settings to backdrops is covered so you can start taking professional-looking i...View Details

On The Bank Special!

We kick things off in the studio and discuss a little water-craft. Next, we lead into an on-the-bank segment we recorded a week earlier. Then it's tim...View Details

There are some real hidden jewels within the various topics of this carpy podcast. Enjoy!

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